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The Studio of One:  Book to inspire
The Studio of One:  Book to inspire
The Studio of One
The Studio of One


We believe in you.  That's our philosophy. 


We understand the importance of expressing your unique gifts.  There is no one like you, and the world needs your authentic, powerful self more than ever.  No more hiding. 


We offer meaningful programs to caregivers, elder care organizations, and support children in becoming their authentic, powerful and compassionate selves sooner than later.


Our company is a collaboration of talented, creative professionals dedicated to supporting people and organizations interested in freeing their potential and finding underlying truths that lead to cleared-out, cleaned-up, enthusiastic living.  We do this because we know what one person can do to make the world a better place. 


Our team is a group of sensitive, tuned-up people, envigorated by giving what we've been given. 


If you have ever wanted to move forward, try something new, use your voice, "get real", jump, fly, soar; if you've ever wanted to safely step off into the unknown-known, give us a call.  If you seek balance, health, beauty and peace, we are here to help you obtain it. 


Come to a workshop, invite us for a presentation, or schedule a Peace Session.  Bring your children for tutoring or mentoring.  Enjoy the inspirational materials on-line and purchase them in our store. Read more about us in the staff section. 


We send blessings in all your endeavors.


Elizabeth Anne Phelps

Owner, The Studio of One


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