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The Studio of One:  Book to inspire
The Studio of One:  Book to inspire
The Studio of One
The Studio of One

Inspirational Books and Photography

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Beauty on a Farm combines stunning photography with a poetic narrative of one woman's journey of healing through the natural world.  With stunning images of nature in all her exquisite simplicity, this book brings the reader to contemplate deep sources of peace, beauty and healing.   The author states, ""God took the pictures.  I just had a camera." 


From author and Studio of One owner, Elizabeth Anne Phelps, winner of a 2004 Walter Spara award for non-fiction.


We show images of several pages, but there are 57 images total.  Sized at 8" x 8", a book that feels good  to hold in your hands.   $37.00   $5.00 shipping.  Contact us directly to order.

Photography (Click on image) All images copyright 2012 Elizabeth A. Phelps

What we see, hear, touch, becomes a part of us.  Images of beauty and peace make us peaceful and change our body chemistry.  Laughter does it, too.  What comes into your world matters, so choose wisely. 


Click on the book for a sampling of pages in "Beauty on a Farm".  Click on the photo of "Pinwheel Dandelion" for more images of beauty and peace. 



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