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The Studio of One
The Studio of One

Welcome to The Studio of One

Owner, Elizabeth Phelps

Welcome to a studio of genius where the goal is to create your best life and elevate your capabilities as a powerful positive influence in the world.


We offer programs, speaking engagements, Peace Sessions, coaching, tutoring, inspirational materials and tools to remind you who you really are and how very much you matter. We know the influence of your life reaches much further than the boundary of your physical body and affects everyone and everything around and beyond you.  What surrounds you affects you, too, so if you find unpleasant things in your life, there may be some rearranging to do. 


The professional coaches, teachers, healers, therapists, and intuitives at The Studio of One help you take a literal look at the elements that comprise your life.  We have clever, artistic methods of supporting you while you rid yourself of the elements you do not want, and brush off the welcome mat for elements that bring health and simple happiness.


Practiced in the realm of creativity, we view each life as a studio.  In any artistic studio, one can only create from the elements around them.  To paint a pink morning sky, you need red and white paint; you can't do it with blue and yellow.  If you want to learn the waltz, play The Blue Danube, not Russian dance music.  Likewise, if you want a vibrant yet peaceful life, it's important to choose the right elements.  And children need a good foundation on which to build their dreams. 


Experienced in the art of creating sacred physical, mental, academic and spiritual spaces, we also help you fine tune your inner world and the use of your six senses.   We take a look at your immediate studio, your mini-studios, and your big world studio.  What are you creating?  What do you want to create?  The Studio of One helps you snapshot your personal world, so you can clearly identify which elements do, or do not serve you.  Then, we literally teach any capabilities you may want to learn and polish up your natural gifts. 


Join us in creating individual circles of health so we may have a positive influence on all of our worlds.  


Call us to schedule a Peace Session.  Choose presentations to book an inspirational talk for your organization. Bring your child or teen for inspirational tutoring, mentoring and expression classes.  Choose workshops to attend one of our meaningful work or "play" shops.  Check out our testimonials. 


Coaching services provide you with one-on-one guidance based on experience, intuition, and real-life solutions that walk you to the open door of your dreams.  We are adept at helping you let go of headaches.

If you need a dose of beauty, choose Inspirational Books and Photography.  The photography is there to uplift you anytime. 


We're here for you.  Tell us what you want.  


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